Humanism and Research

I advise here upon educating common people in Science in a few simple steps. This will be from a viewpoint of exact sciences as I am an engineer.
If you believe in particular things such as teleportation, grander beings in monotheism, I will explain what you need to know.
History is full of elder smarter people who earned money on the back of a ruler who believed in something which he could not explain but which got explained to him/her by the smarter people.The only thing I would like to say is that if you learn physics on a site such as by typing in physics in the search bar, then clicking further on the links in that page, you will see that some things can be true or false. You can explain them by math, which is a universal language everyone can understand.
This way you will understand much more of the world around you and you will be able to explain things for yourself by learning Sciences, even history without propaganda or mixing in from controlled media.
I hope to help everyone this way by giving them one link to the world, which has been translated here and there in other languages.

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