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    "She was a Paladin in all but name."
    - Rakeesh
Erana was a powerful half-faerie wizard, who traveled around Glorianna doing good and establishing blessed places of safety. She passed through Spielburg, where she cast a spell of peace in the town and left a haven in the forest known as Erana's Peace. She also blessed a pool in East Fricana. In each game there is a spot enchanted by her where the player is able to rest peacefully and recover his strength. Despite the lack of a place of peace created by Erana, her presence is still felt in Trial by Fire, as her portrait is seen at the Wizards' Institute of Technocery. Erana is said to look like Genesta from Sierra's King's Quest series, released from the same company. She was killed battling Avoozl (the Dark One) in Mordavia alongside the paladin Piotyr. Her spirit was trapped in a crystal in the Dark One's cave, leaving her unable to reach her final rest. Her magical staff was left in the town of Mordavia as a monument. In the fourth game, the trapped spirit of Erana communicates with the Hero in his dreams, when he sleeps in her enchanted garden or beside her staff in the town. Later, he obtains the staff and uses it to restore life to a vampire child. If the Hero is a Wizard, he battles other faeries for the right to keep the staff. Erana finally appears at the end of the game, when the Hero frees her spirit from its crystal prison. In the fifth game in the series, the Hero is given the opportunity to sacrifice a portion of his life force to restore either Erana or Katrina to life. Either one is a potential bride for the Hero, and will assist him in his quest. Erana is particularly suited to an honorable Wizard or Paladin. However, she is prone to sacrificing herself during the battle with Dragon in the fifth game, unless Hero explicitly wooes her, giving some appropriate presents. Erana is voiced by Diane Pershing in the audio re-release of Quest for Glory: Shadows of Darkness.